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Daniel T.

We hired Ali hoping she could walk our very difficult family dog who trusts no one. Not only was she willing to take on the challenge of getting our dog to trust her, but she was also able to train him and shift his behavior to become a more responsive pup. Plus, the daily walking routine wipes him out! Ali is the easiest to work with and has exceeded our expectations!


Ali and Leo

Lucy M.

I found Ali through a friend who knows and has cared for my elderly dog Louie. Louie is over 13 and is pretty much blind and has some other health issues that require attention. Ali took care of Louie (and my two birds) for a week while I was on vacation. In the past, Louie had difficulty with me leaving and often got depressed and wouldn’t eat. With Ali, Louie was eating and going for his daily walks with gusto. When I returned Louie was happy and relaxed. I would highly recommend using Ali and she will definitely be my go-to sitter from now on!


Louie Lyon

Patricia R.

We talked to several dog walkers before we found Alice.  We trusted her right away.  Alice knows her stuff when it comes to dogs!  She walks Stella about  5 days per week and Stella has never been happier and more fit. Stella loves Alice, which is huge!  I would highly recommend Alice.  We can't imagine not having her now that we've found her.  Alice also house-sits for us when we go on vacation.  She takes great care of our home, pup and our elderly cat.  She is also warm and friendly to work with and is very responsible and responsive.


Lucas W.

My wife and I love our dog and want the best for him, and since we work a lot we wanted him to have the best dog walker out there! We were so glad we came to know fitdog! 

Alice (aka fitdog) doesn't just walk our dog around the block, she makes sure he has fun and is happy. And she makes sure WE are happy by giving our dog the exercise he needs so when we come home tired from work he is happy to see us but he ISN'T super exited, full of energy or sad and depressed. That way we enjoy out time with our dog even more!!!


Susan C.

What a joy it has been getting to know Alice, owner of Fitdog.  In just a few months, she has become a trusted partner in the care of our 2 yr. old golden retriever.  

We found Alice in October when we were looking for an overnight pet sitter to care for Bella over the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  (We had previously boarded her.)  We got to know her beforehand through weekly Fitdog walks and adventures.  Bella's attachment to her new friend was quick and heartwarming.  The mere mention of Alice's name, lights up Bella's face like a child on Christmas morning! 

Alice is a wonderful caretaker. She genuinely loves Bella and is concerned with her wellbeing - maintaining her schedule, keeping her comfortable and happy.  During our Thanksgiving trip, she sewed Bella's recently chewed dog bed so she wouldn't have to sleep on the towels I had left for her.  

During their hikes and adventures around Marin, Alice is enthusiastic about ensuring ample playtime for Bella and the other dogs to romp around, getting them exhausted, and staying happy.  I love that she sends updates and photos through texts, keeping me involved in their fun.  Bella is always smiling BIG in her photos and whipped when she returns! 

Alice has become a part of our family!


Devon M.

Alice is so sweet. When I was conducting interviews for my wealthy employers to hire a House Manager, one of their biggest requirements was that the person must love dogs. Out of all the people I met with, Ali was the only one that paid any attention to the dogs when she came for her interview. Needless to say, she was the one that got the job. She treated their three dogs as if they were her own and they adored her. She will do the same for your "babies". Trust me.


Katie M.

We live in Sausalito, and Alice walks out dog 3 days per week. 

I interviewed several people when we were looking for a dog walker. I was lucky to have a friend with a successful dog walking business leading me in the right direction and telling me what to look for. I ended up choosing Alice for several reasons: 1. She was running her own business, not working for someone else. This showed me that she was motivated to succeed, had some investment in the work, and wasn't going to leave and do something else anytime soon. 2. She knows her stuff. She had licenses and qualifications that I didn't know existed. She was considerate in figuring out which other dogs to walk with ours. 3. My dog had a great time with her. We had a trial run, and Scout came back exercised and happy. 4. She genuinely seems to like our dog. This is important because we love our little pup. 

We have now been working with Alice for  a few months and couldn't be happier. We have her scheduled for 3 days per week. Our schedules can change, and Alice had been flexible and has done her best to accommodate when she can. She sends pictures of our dog, who always looks happy when she is with Alice. She is also always calm and well exercised when we get home from work. 

Alice is kind, flexible, trustworthy, does a great job, and is in this business for all the right reasons!



My Mom loves having a dog, but she is handicapped, so when her husband died she didn't want to have to give up her companion, but she needed help! Alice's Fitdog business is the perfect solution. There are two good walks a day, and excellent training, too. Everybody looks forward to Alice's visits and we highly recommend Fitdog!


Tricia L.

Alice has been walking Boomer for us since January and has house/puppy sat on two separate occasions.  Boomer loves her and has a blast on his puppy adventures.  Alice sends text messages with photos and always lets us know when she has returned him home.  She's very conscientious about drying him off or wiping off muddy paws.  After each time house/dog sitting, our house was cleaner than when we left it.  We love Fitdog!


Micheal P.

I've used fitdog for in home pet sitting for years (before Alice called it fitdog) and was completely satisfied with her service.   I had six pets with different needs and she managed them all to perfection.   I am out of town training for 3 to 6 weeks a year and was happy to have someone I could trust watching my beloved animals.  I have a complicated alarm system and video cameras which she kept armed and did not set off accident.   I also have used her as a personal assistant in the past for help with office work and landscaping.  Alice is very versatile and completely professional.


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